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Mindy went there for Met Gala in 2019. She wore her new platinum hair and walked on the pink carpet. It changed, especially on May 4, when she wore her usual black shawl.

Although it's probably a wig, we've never seen Carring experience such drastic hair changes.

This is absolutely in line with her metal, long dress, for a comprehensive "Golden Goddess" effect. The rest of her is lean and perfect, with filtered bronze skin, rosy bare lips, thick black, spider-like eyelashes. Makeup artist Janice Kinjo used Burt's Bees and applied a little frost to her inner corners to add more airy effects.

Last year, Carring wore a crown on a low-haired bun with the theme of "celestial bodies: fashion and Catholic imagination". Apart from the crown, we have to admit that her hairstyle and makeup are safe. Glad to see her out of the comfort zone in 2019!

Let Kacey Musgraves understand the task.

The Grammy Award winner has never been disappointed on the red carpet, so the Metropolitan Museum of Art's 2019 celebration is no exception. Camp: Fashion Notes? She put it in her bag.

Participants interpreted "camp" in many different ways. Lady Gaga launched four outfits in less than 20 minutes. Chris Jenna changed her signature hairstyle to a blonde bob. For Musgraves, however, the call to "camp" meant becoming a Barbie doll, literally wearing a red pink dress, a blond wig and a hairdryer handbag. She even drove a convertible onto the red carpet to match her look. The current camp.

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She works with Moschino to design clothes and print indelible diamonds on jewelry. Erica Claude, a stylist at Masgraves, told Glamour magazine that the design was inspired by all the fun things. She said: "Barbie doll is a iconic doll, it reminds us of play, let us believe that we are very young, our hearts are very young."

And don't neglect the details. Claude said there were many things worth noting, including "super zipper pulls, hair dryer clutches, in fact this is a motorcycle jacket dress." All this means "be strong and sexy."

As for jewelry, clouds want gorgeous diamonds to complete their appearance. She said, "Barbie is the most attractive girl. Nothing is more attractive than diamonds." "I want to replicate the earrings Mosquino and Barbie wear when they meet, and Mark always has the perfect diamond earrings!" This ring is two pear-shaped diamonds, it looks like a teardrop. Barbie will approve it."

"Dropping in diamonds is very decadent," Claude said. "The height of matching accessories adds to the feeling of camping." "Choose the most beautiful diamond, Ordo's shoes and a plastic handbag." The blower clutch is the perfect finishing touch -- "It looks exactly like a toy accessory, in perfect contrast to her eternal diamond."

For some reason, I think Julia Roberts is a redhead. Well, it's not just for one reason - some of her iconic characters (i.e. in Beauty and My Best Friend's Wedding) see her sporty reddish brown and look completely hers. But she apparently wanted me to change my mind, because Roberts first appeared in the palest gold we've seen on her in decades after playing the role best described as Bronte for years.

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The 50-year-old Oscar winner appeared at an event of the Television Critics Association, where she was newly dyed with light hair to discuss her upcoming Amazon TV show "Home" (in which she co-starred Dermot Mulroney in "My Best Friend's Wedding"). Boyfriend). Although we don't know what inspired Roberts to play the blonde short hair she wore at the Academy Awards in 1991, it certainly has nothing to do with her role as Heidi Bergman. For this reason, she wore a brown Bang golf ball. Ninety-nine percent of my hair must be a wig.

It is also certain that Serge Normant, her imperial hairstylist, or at least one of his team's colour masters, did her hair in the quarter century. (Interesting fact: Norman hangs a huge portrait of Julia Roberts in his Manhattan salon shampoo. ) In mid-July, Roberts posted several photos of her and Norman on Instagram, one of which appeared to be hairdressing her. "My mane. Work hard. Twenty-six years."

This brings us to something worth noting: although the TV Critics Association is strictly Roberts'first public appearance as a new blonde, at least since she finally joined Instagram at the end of June, she has clearly become quite pale yellow. In her first photo released, she was illuminated by a tree surrounded by warm, bright, golden waves.

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